Morning, sunshines. Chemistry BSc. I will learn all my lessons from elevators.
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Alice those things are awesome! What other animals can you make? Have you ever thought of selling them as they are as cool as the giant microbe plushies :D

Nawwwwh why thank you sweetie! :D and I’d love to sell them but I don’t think they’re professional enough :/ like, I do it all by hand and fairly sure they would look better with a machine! Also I don’t know how to needle felt which is the proper way to attach segments together :/ though the idea is lovely I don’t think if make much profit :(

Those animal plushies are really cute :3 How'd you make them?

Aha, why thank you anon! I have loads more to make when I get home today :3 and I used this tutorial and then added different things to get different characters :3